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Organisation Programme

As an organisation finding time to hire is difficult.


Utilising this programme you can rationalise your interview process, create a standardised format and a tailored interview approach across your whole organisation.

This will lead to a more engaging, more critical and improved interview experience and output for your candidates and your hiring managers. 

Delivering tools and outputs including but not limited to: 

  • Organisation Interviewing Analysis

  • Accountable Interviewing Standard Organisation Wide

  • Sustainable Tools & Techniques

  • A tailored Interview Methodology 

  • Improved Candidate & Hiring Manager Experience


Individuals Programme

Interviewing and job searching is tough for everyone so on an individual level we can offer support in two different ways. 

  1. Using the 4 module online course as below, this covers the core aspects of interviewing and you'll be left feeling prepared and confident.

  2. Personalised one-to-one advice on your job search strategy and interviewing technique either virtually or in-person

Offering all or a selection of modules including but not limited to:

  • Interview Foundations

  • Career Foundations

  • CV & Job Search Skills

  • First Day & Week Work Hacks

  • Networking & Socials

  • Career Navigation

  • Mock Interviewing 

Key Goals & Objectives

  • Confidence

  • Tools & Techniques for future career

Please contact us to discuss which might be best for your desired outcomes. 

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