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Uadilifu - Integrity

Continuing our journey we have travelled through Kenya and stayed far longer than we anticipated with safaris, beaches and a mountain to climb what’s not to like.

One of our biggest takeaways when travelling through Kenya and experiencing the Masai culture is the fierce pride which then lends itself to such a high level of integrity.

Everyone we have spent time with wants you to have a high level of enjoyment, to feel secure and admittedly potential in their own interest too but for us to return or to recommend them. We felt this in spades and whenever we were with someone we felt safe, secure and happy.

This got me thinking, which is dangerous. When I was speaking to many interviewers it often felt to them like someone has over inflated the achievements on their CV or claims achievements as their own when in fact they might not have been involved. Someone even told me about some candidates who lied about their education.

In such a technologically advanced and increasingly small world, these aren’t things which are difficult to check so why do people do it?!

In your interview process of course you need to be able to talk about you and your achievements and not downplay them but you never need to make them up.

In fact a high level of integrity can even make you stand out! I believe it worked for me in the world of recruitment as some of my recommendations attest to.

Therefore, take genuine pride and embrace this aspect of the Masai culture and never compromise your integrity throughout your interview process. It will prove to be invaluable in your career.


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