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The CV Minefield

CVs, resumes, biographies, whatever you call them they are ridiculous.

There’s no rules on writing a CV and EVERYONE has an opinion on what it should look like and as opinions are inevitably they are all different.

Throughout your career you’ll get feedback on this and it’s down to you accumulate all of this and decide what works best for you.

My two cents and opinion though are below, if your CV isn’t doing it’s one job which is to get you an interview then here are some things to consider:

  1. Don’t lie, so simple yet so often overlooked

  2. Layout - keep it clean

  • Name & Contact details

  • Bio / Profile - 3-5 bullet points, who you are, what you want in your career & biggest achievement

  • Education - most recent first, laid out as below:

  • Years Attended

  • Name of School / University / Additional Qualification Body

  • Course Name and Grade achieved

  • Jobs you've had, laid out as below:

  • Dates of role - month & year

  • Company

  • Job Title