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Interviewing, why can it be so difficult?

Interviewing and even meetings hold so much fear for so many. Why though?

As an interviewee there always seems to be that feeling of the unknown. What will they ask? How do I answer so I don’t scare them off? What if I say the wrong thing?

I absolutely can’t blame people for feeling like this. It’s so difficult and in general no one really prepares you for interviews or teaches you how to go about it.

Throughout the education system, school, college and university no one teaches you how to conduct yourself in a meeting or an interview.

Then going into your career again your current employer isn’t going to teach you how to be successful when interviewing or else you might leave!

There’s often plenty of job opportunities and this is where university and a like can help in presenting them to you but if your CV gets you an interview (which is the only purpose of a CV) how would you ever know what to do next.

This is where I’m here to help.

Accumulated through the last 10 years of my career having met and spoken with thousands of people I’m going to share with you how to not only survive your interview but thrive and even enjoy it!

Through this program I will arm you with the tools to not just to be successful in one interview but in the rest of your future career.

Following this advice and structure you will be memorable, you will build rapport, you will take control of the process and ultimately secure the role you want and the pay rise you deserve.

I’m proud of this program and confident you will be successful having gone through it.

Any questions though do contact me at

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