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Hate is all the world has even seen lately…

In the words of Limp Bizkit (who’d of thought I would ever quote that in a blog?!) why is it that you look at the news and feel this?

Perhaps, this is what’s running through your head when you turn up at an interview and can’t figure out why it’s gone down hill so fast.

We’ve arrived in Chingola in Zambia at Eden Farm, a project I cycled for during my 2020 John O’Groats to Lands End trip. Thank you again to everyone who donated, it’s great to be back and personally see the difference people’s money has made.

A project housing 30 children, supporting 320 children to go to school and a community beyond that is no mean feat.

Beyond this Eden Farm could be one of the most welcoming places I’ve ever been and when you consider the poverty in the community it gives you pause for thought when you consider business.

Often people turn up at interview to feel like the company you’re meeting with are doing you a favour in meeting you and it can feel unwelcoming.

However, regardless of this in your style I can’t emphasise enough how far being you being polite, kind and welcoming to your interviewer could get you.

Being asked to interview someone isn’t always easy and often (unlike my last role) this isn’t the sole focus of someone’s job but something they need to do to hire a team.

Being the interviewee you can still set the tone, ask them how their weekend might have been and in general being upbeat and respectful will create a very different atmosphere as it always is at Eden Farm.

This takes confidence but have it! You’re there for a reason, they want to hire you based on your skills. Doing these simple things can change the entire outcome of your interview.

Respect and manners cost nothing I was always told! Zambia epitomised this for me and I genuinely believe this will carry you well through your interview. Hate isn’t all the world has seen despite what the news tells you, forge your own path of beliefs.

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