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Don’t lose your identity - no matter who wants it

If you like Mexican food, go to Mexico and fall in love with it.

The best taco I ever had cost me less than £1 and that’s definitely not like the one made in the UK, I can promise you that.

So many countries have restaurants that are Mexican. A taco or burrito have made it to so many countries and if you have a wrap with meat it might be labelled a Mexican meal. Don’t believe them!

Personal experience is always a fascinating thing and since education I believed I was a failure, I was bottom sets, average grades and then advised I’d fail at least 2 of my 3 A-levels.

I stopped believing I would fail because I wanted to prove them wrong, not great way to motivate yourself but hey it worked for me.

However, like Mexican food, it’s easy to believe what you’re told you are.

Like that burrito you’re eating, stop believing you are who people tell you you are and believe in you AND who you could be and want to be.


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