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Communication is all about the response it elicits

Belize is an absolute enigma. Caribbean islands but with a poor mainland community with one of the most fascinating preserved Mayan sites. It has a lot to offer.

Don’t let the Caribbean Island vibes fool you in Caye Caulker, the creole language alone tells a story. Developed as a way for slaves to talk without their masters knowledge it’s still used to this day and is a fascinating mix of English, French and multiple African dialects. To this day it is still a developing language.

Finding a way to communicate categorically with the people you want to communicate with is essentially the entire essence of interviewing.

I heard an amazing saying that communication is all about the response it elicits, which is so worth remembering. In other words what you say is about what you make someone feel rather than what you think you’re saying.

Relate this to interviewing and it’s not easy but if you want the job you have to make the person you’re talking to feel like they want to work with you and that what you’re saying aligns to the company.

However, this comes with a huge caveat that you don’t have to comply. You have a choice and it’s so tough especially early in your career and often against the established normal, you can be yourself and the consequences be damned.

Sadly, often this means you’re “not the right cultural fit” but what do you want.

To be part of the “normal” and try to engage change from the inside or be “different” and fight it all.

It’s your choice but the one thing you have to think is to make someone feel what you want them to feel with your words.

Think about that, it’s not what you’re saying it’s how you’re saying it and what it’s making that person feel.

Creole was developed to communicate with your friends and family without the knowledge of your overseer but imagine the impact of the words on the person who received them.

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