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Can I sell you Colombia better than I can sell myself?

Colombia is just guns, drugs and gangs. At least that’s so often the European perception of the country in no small part thanks for Narcos!

In fact the country is absolutely full of hidden gems and is the 25th largest country in the world.

The variety of food, coffee, beaches, jungle and unexpected experiences is unbelievable, for example ever been into a working salt mine which also has multiple cathedrals in? Or climbed a giant rock surrounded by one of the world largest man made lakes? Or ridden on a disused railway on a hybrid motorbike/train cart into a small village to then inner-tube down the river? Or where the street food is mainly fried dough and cheese (heaven for me anyway)? Or trekked 4 days to through the jungle to The Lost City?

So often it’s easy to see take things at surface value and unless someone tells you what else is under the surface you won’t know what is there.

Now think about when you interview.

So often people I have interviewed people who don’t want to do what they perceive as brag about their achievements. Even myself when I struggle with imposter syndrome would be afraid to even state my achievements as I battled with believing they were real.

However, if you don’t tell someone what you have achieved in your career on your CV and then further backed up in your interview, how are they ever going to know.

There’s evidently a line where humble ”bragging” can then become arrogant and over the top to the point of being insincere and often unbelievable but regularly people aren’t even putting their best foot forward when you’ve actually achieved so much. This is what my interview program will teach you to do for the rest of your career.

Much like Colombia I am sure you have so much to offer so don’t be afraid to take pride in it and ensure this comes across at your interview.

I would always recommend to people at CV stage for every role have 2-3 tangible achievements listed. Project completions on time to budgets, cost savings, new discoveries, over-achievement against objectives and so much more.

This then sets you up to have some control in your interview as your signposting to areas for your interviewer to probe.

So, who now fancies a trip to Colombia?


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