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Why listen to us?

Having spent nearly a decade in the talent recruitment sector at all levels and most functions, I have met and interviewed thousands of professionals. very few have been memorable and that's what you need to be. 

I have also coached hundreds of interviewees successfully through their recruitment processes and I want to share this information with you.

I am going to share with you HOW to be memorable, HOW to build rapport very quickly, HOW to secure that pay rise you want and deserve, HOW to walk into that interview confident all in a practical and actionable style. 
I am not going to give you a one off list of questions to answer.

From this programme you will have an effective guide on how to manage your interview and gain control whilst building rapport and you will be able to use this consistently throughout your career to secure the roles and positions you want and desire. 

I am passionate about providing access to the tools that will help you progress and that's exactly what this program provides. 

"A real value add to those he interacts with."

Adeline, Programme & Operations Director

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"The support and insights were invaluable throughout the whole engagement lifecyle. He set me up for a successful engagement right from interview preparation."

Andrew, Porfolio Consultant

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"Guy has been instrumental in my goal of changing career paths.He is a very diligent and effective communicator leaving nodetail unchecked. I would thoroughly recommend him"

James, Engineering Consultant

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Your program and costs

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Meet Our Founder

Guy Herbertson

Founder & Instructor

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