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Redefining organisation interviewing

Creating a consistent, fair and tailored interview process and experience is the absolute key to what we do at The Interview Initiative.

Organisations and hiring managers often have very little time to dedicate to hiring. This can lead to poor hiring decisions with massive business consequences.

The Interview Initiative will deliver tailored tools for the best possible candidate experience and create a fair, consistent process which leads to truly successful hiring.

Together we will create interview structures and processes unique and bespoke to your business and make managers fully confident in their interviewing skills.

Testimonials & Recommendations

“The ability to recognise peoples abilities and bring that to bear in the interview/recruitment process is unique. Always delightful to converse with and brimming with ideas, I recommend seeking Guy's expertise”

Julie, VP Technology

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"We briefed the managers on why you were there and I know they initially felt hesitant with being 'observed', however, you made them feel at ease straight away, when you asked the direct questions that they hadn't thought of post interview, they were all on board with taking this feedback on.

All your feedback so far has been very welcome." 


Laura, Recruitment Manager

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"Recently the People Team partnered with Guy Herbertson from The Interview Initiative in the hope we could identify some effective strategies in improving not only our line managers interviewing skills and recruitment success ratios, but primarily the experience of the candidates interviewing.


We wanted to ensure applicants were being offered the best opportunity to display their skill set, received a real feel and understanding of the culture and values that we hold and were able to learn more about what we offered in terms of career development.


The feedback Guy Herbertson provided has given the people team and our recent managers some amazing insight and delivered on some great quick wins.


It’s certainly broadened our views on how to ensure we have the right person for the right job. Looking forward to the next stage of the project and seeing the evolution!


Anyone else wondering how they improve their hiring practices… I’d highly recommend reaching out to Guy Herbertson!"


Emma, Director of People

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"Professional, knowledgable beyond his years and of high integrity. As a person I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a smile on his face or a positive thought in his head. A real genuine person that I have no hesitation in recommending."

Rakesh, Chairman & NED

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"What makes Guy somewhat unique is he really seeks to understand at a profound level the internal dynamics of his Clients. This gives him an advantage when it comes to effectively fulfilling the needs of his customer on an evolving basis."

John, Engineering Director

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